We also get tired of chasing customers

With Arrocy-WG you can stop worrying and organize easily.

Scheduled Sending

Unlimited messaging
You can send all the reminders and messages you want to all the contacts you want, that's right, we don't charge per message.

Chat Bot

Custom Chatbot
Your own bot that can automatically respond to what you want, saving management time, delivering a more satisfactory, modern and simple service to your customers.


Schedule Messages
Before you think about who you'll see today, Arrocy-WG will already have the appointments confirmed. Use the panels to organize yourself, it will be your space so you don't forget anything.


Technology with your essence
We know how important the connection with people is, that's why you can customize all of Arrocy's solutions, in this way, customers will feel your closeness but with professionalism.

No Block

Secure API
You can send all the reminders and messages you want to all the contacts you want, without worrying about being blocked.

Data Captures

Capture Information
You can create a very easy data collection structure for your customers, collect the data through automatic questions on whatsapp and export that data.

More than a reminder platform,
Arrocy-WG is a Marketing Tool

You can create mass mailing campaigns
Arrocy-WG has multiple types of shipments!

Export Presets
Cloud Service
Pixel Precision
Grid and Guides
Grid and Guides
Iterate at Speed
Vector Editing
Vector Editing


Arrocy-WG's Team

Nice to meet you!

We created Arrocy to solve the inconvenience of reminders, mainly saving us time, which we know leads to unnecessary worries and we want to share this solution with you. As a team we will be for you at all times, if you want write us by whatsapp or instagram and we will we will respond as soon as possible. In addition to the service, we offer you:

  • Supports
  • Solutions
  • Updates
  • Import and export

Bot and
auto responder

Arrocy-WG's technology allows you to create all kinds of autoresponders.

You will be able to capture data from your clients to organize your appointments, sales and procedures in an easy and fast way!

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