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=> If you want ADMIN access, please contact me by clicking whatsapp button on the bottom-right corner
=> login as admin: admin (disabled on demo site)
=> pass as admin : password (disabled on demo site)
=> login as bank: bank (disabled on demo site)
=> pass as bank : password (disabled on demo site)
=> login as user: demo
=> pass as user : password


This welcome page location: /resources/views/welcome.blade.php
You can edit this file to get the welcome page as you like.

to enable Whatsapp notification for registration and password reset



=> Menu Device: add sender phone number
click your number in the list and scan with Whatsapp Multi-Device app from your phone
you can use other phone to test for autoreply
keywords: "info"

=> Menu Send message: Please choose your phone number in the sender dropdown menu
input the receiver phone number, you can input it in single or multi receiver or both of them (you must add phonebook to send multi receiver)
pick a media file from your local pc (if you want to send media message)
input your text message or you can choose template from dropdown menu (you must add template from Autoreply menu)

=> Menu Outbox: this is where all your outgoing messages history will be with it status SENT/FAILED
you can click on each job to get detail messages report

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